Discover the benefits of floral design and put them into practice with a personalized workshop

We live under big pressure all the time to have the best life possible and our lives are spoiled day after day by two phenomenon: raging consumerism and the repeated celebration of the overrated mantra “the more, the better”.

We are bombarded daily with people telling us that we don’t live well enough, that we must do something to improve our lives and that consumerism is here to show us how it’s done.

On top of that, materialism converts deceleration into something useless (there’s still a chance: slow culture), a kind or personal failure; something to hide.

Reality also shows us the dramatic consequences on a personal and family level, and the social and medical impact of having stressful lives. And not only that: exhaustion spreads like a plague.

But… we are so fortunate to have flowers around us!

Designing with flowers makes us feel relaxed, live the present, helps us to focus, increases our creativity and brain activity, enhances positive energy and thoughts; flowers lift our spirits and help us against depression.

In fact, flowers also give me a great chance to connect with you, both when I make your personal designs and when you come here for a programmed workshop.

Whatever the case, if you live far away or it simply doesn’t suit you to come to my workshops, you can subscribe to my online floral personal workshops, done via videoconference.

You will do the workshop directly with me. No impersonal videos. We will talk one-to-one.

How does that online flowers workshop work?

It’s very easy. These are the quick steps:

  •            I send you high quality preserved flowers.
  •       We meet in a class via videoconference at the time you decide. No matter where you are.
  •       I will explain all you need to learn to design your own flowers crown.
  •            I will answer all your doubts.
  •      We will connect with no rush, according to your needs during two hours.
  •            You will see the result of your creativity as soon as we finish the workshop.

The flower crown can be for you or you can give it as a present for someone special. Someone passionate about flowers, who enjoys creating with them. This workshop is the perfect present for people who love handicrafts, especially those with reduced mobility or someone who is simply recovering at home after an illness.

Think in colours!

I want to show you how to convert your passion for flowers into a colourful crown designed by you, ready to use for years.

What are “preserved flowers”?

Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers treated organically to preserve their beauty and freshness for years, without water or sunlight.

Preserved flowers are real flowers?

You don’t need to worry about how to maintain your flower crown. If you have a celebration or journey, it can be easily transported. And you can take it many more times in the future, anywhere you go!

What can you learn from a flowers workshop?

The big advantage of this workshop is that you can learn and make your flowers crown at the same time. And not only that, you’ll learn many other things:

  1.  The technique to design your flower crown.
  2.  How to combine different types of flowers.
  3.  How to choose and combine different colours according to the dress you want to wear.
  4.  How to use this technique to make other flowers accessories.
  5.  How to look after your preserved flowers so that they can keep their beauty and freshness for years.

What will you find in Ritaflowers online workshops?

  1.  A two-hour personalized class online, directly with me.
  2.  The material you need to design your flowers crown.
  3.  High quality preserved flowers to design your flower crown.
  4.  We make the class via videoconference using the platform that best suits you (Google Hangouts; Skype; Facebook videocall through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp).
  5.  Choose a language to do the workshop: Spanish, English or Catalan

Once your workshop is reserved, I will contact you to agree a day and time. From anywhere in the world, you can learn to do a new and beautiful design, directly with me.

Do you enjoy creating? Let’s design together.

Roll up!




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