The Law of Harmony: AURA. Our Daily Lives Collection. Golden star. Panic grass floral crown

“City, where are you?
The burning book is empty, the words were blurted out by the angels.
City, what else do you nt understand? Don’t you see it? No? Don’t you feel it?
The promise is slung to the four winds, in the city of the winds.
The sun rises every morning…
Flying to infinity, let each soul land independently, on its own, in the city of dreams.
Dream! Dream! It is crucial to tear down the too high walls
in order to build the city of dreams.
The sun rises every morning…
In the fall the sidewalks are filled with dry leaves making whirlpools
where they rise, where they fall, where they rise again

and fall again mixing with each other,
gathering in corners where less wind blows”

Aura. Elementary school teacher and aerial dance amateur from Catalonia, Spain
Words by David Mullor from the song “La Ciutat dels Àngels” by ix!

According to the sages, the Universe is governed by 7 Fundamental Laws:

  1. The Law of Love
  2. The Law of Manifestation
  3. The Law of Polarity
  4. The Law of Evolution
  5. The Law of Correspondence
  6. The Law of Harmony
  7. The Law of Nature

Throughout our lives, each and every one of us discovers the existence of these laws. We learn them by trial and error. And the sooner we live in accordance with their postulates, the sooner we will discover the key to happiness. We will be happy with ourselves and with everything around us. 

I find the sixth Law interesting. Imagine that the Universe were a great “balance”. And that at each of its ends there are different energies. The law of harmony is the law that regulates the balance between what exists at each end of this scale, whether it be: 

  • The seasons of the year
  • Action and rest (the dynamic and the static)
  • Birth and death
  • Colours and the absence of colour
  • The physical interaction of species (the space occupied by each species)
  • The temporal interaction of species (the amount of time each species lives)
  • Straight lines and curved lines
  • Day and night
Photo: Ernst Lalleman (
Model: Aura, elementary school teacher and aerial dance amateur from Catalonia, Spain
Floral crown design: Ritaflowers

According to the sixth Law, the Law of Harmony, there is always an energy in the Universe that seeks to balance and maintain all that exists. And one of the consequences of this Law is that in any area of the Universe we can verify the existence of times of action and times of recovery. At times that, if for any reason you do not respect them, you will always have problems. When you lose harmony in your life, problems begin. 

In short, the sages say that when this law is respected, “the whole system” that regulates in each case is maintained. For example, the Law of Harmony is observed, respected and recognised in all that interacts in nature for the maintenance of life. The sages also put it another way: “when the scales are balanced, when there is love, the whole system is maintained”. 

The creation of this large golden wreath of flowers was an exercise in respecting the times of action and recovery in floral design. Because it is designed with dried and preserved flowers, I was able to practice respecting my own action and recovery times over the course of a year, which is how long it took me to finish it. Listening to the inspiration of each day, according to the energies of each moment. And the last thing that matters is the amount of time invested. The watch does not always keep time. The result is a tall, beautiful, strong and resistant crown. So much so that it is perfect to be worn even when dancing in mid-air. Aura’s aerial dance in balance is perfect to represent it. When there is balance there is life. When there is balance, life emerges with strength.

Photo: Ernst Lalleman (
Model: Aura, elementary school teacher and aerial dance amateur from Catalonia, Spain
Floral crown design: Ritaflowers

Harmony is about balancing our life, our relationships, our health. It has to do directly with being flexible, with being respectful, with acceptance, with knowing how to value, with being kind, with knowing how to look for fair agreements….. With others and with ourselves. What a beautiful learning. So I hope you will seek opportunities to put this Law into practice and enjoy the results you get. I hope you will learn to maintain balance between your body, mind and spirit. With yourself and in your relationships with others. Happy learning.

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