The power of weeds: The dandelion (II) “Our Daily Lives” collection

Working with the white spheres of dandelions can be fascinating (read more here). But working with them when they have lost all their seeds can be even more magical.

Designing with a plant through different stages of its life teaches us to appreciate the state of nature at each of these equally: When the plant flowers, when it transforms into a big silver flake, when it becomes naked without seeds, when it dries up. All these different physical states are of equal importance. All are equally necessary and all are beautiful. It is the same in the life of humans. Whether we have seeds or not.

Well, with the seedless dandelion I designed two pieces: One as a large headdress and the other as a double headdress.

I used dried dandelion stalks that I collected for weeks during the spring of 2020 in the Mediterranean Sierra de Collserola (Barcelona). How had the plant changed? Well, unlike its natural shape, when dandelions dry out their stems tend to take on very organic, curved forms. And the calyx of the flower, after losing its silky white hair ball, shows a beautiful circular bowed shape. Like mini trumpets or mini flying saucers. In short, the plant takes on such an appearance that it looks more like it comes from Mars than from planet Earth. 

Dandelions headpiece “Our daily Lives” collection by Ritaflowers.
Model: Wies van Beest, furniture designer and piano artist from Holland
Photo: Ernst Lallleman, visual content manager

In the headdresses I also added wild grasses, collected in the Arribes del Duero natural park (Salamanca) in the summer of 2020. I like to mix plants from such different places and to be able to design with them in a global way in the same piece. This way we not only unite the plants physically, but we also unite the stories behind each one of them. On the other hand, it is not necessary to mix many varieties to achieve a beautiful result. In this case two materials are perfect for the design to be spectacular and balanced at the same time. One material alone would not have created the same effect, and more than two would have broken the charm.

Dandelions headpiece “Our daily Lives” collection by Ritaflowers
Model: Paola Triana, Colombia
Make-up artist and hair stylist: Sirly López
Photo: @phorastero_ ( & @Wilches_photo

Unlike the dandelions, the grasses I have used all have a very straight stem and their tops are shaped like large golden clouds, almost like drops of golden vapour. That’s why I think they go so well with the dandelions, with their twisted stems and all different from each other, both in the shape of their curves and the length of the stems.

The double headdress sits above the ears. It can be placed in the hair horizontally, like two large golden wings, or vertically, like two large light sources protruding from either side of the head. Choosing one or the other position will depend on the characteristics of the wearer’s hair and the style we are looking to highlight. I like the idea of the headdresses sticking out on both sides of the face. I gave it a flared shape, marked by the strong curved lines of the dandelion stems, with their concave ends. The wild grasses add a golden glow and the sense of movement. The headdress is voluminous and extremely light.

The double headdress is for sale. Or I can custom design it for you. Just contact me

In relation to the large headdress, I gave it a shape similar to an open peacock’s tail. This headdress contains much more dandelion stems than the double headdress and the stems are much more curved and larger. This increase in volume and quantity gives a lot of strength and impact to the final design.

Botanical crown “Our daily Lives” collection by Ritaflowers.
Model: Ritaflowers
Photo: Ernst Lallleman, visual content manager

If you are interested to know more about another botanical headdress designed with dandelions in my “Our Daily Lives” collection, you can read more here. And if you want to discover the benefits of floral design and put them into practice with a personalised workshop, you can find out more here.

Do you have any questions or comments? Contact me, I am happy to hear from you.

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